Wall Coverings



Walls, ceilings, and floors

Steps, Stairways, and railings

Doors and windows

Structural Components*

Mechanical Systems


Heating & Cooling



Pricing (Condominium/HOA*) – Contact us for pricing

  • Studio $
  • 1 bedroom $
  • 2 bedroom $
  • 3 bedroom $
  • Duplex $

*Condo/HOA- This inspection is limited to the visual evaluation of the systems and components that are located with the unit, i.e., current condition of common areas and common elements are not part of this inspection. Such areas and elements included, but are not limited to, stairs, landings, porches, decks, roofs, hallways, walks, patios, pools, spas, recreational areas/equipment, elevators, utility metering, parking stalls or ports, building site condition, structural stability, drainage systems, and all common areas on the property.

Pricing (Single Family) – Contact us for pricing

  • Up to 2000sf $
  • Up to 3000sf $
  • Over 3000sf